Start By Asking the Right Questions

We Ask the "WHO"

In a fast changing landscape of AI, the individual is the most granular yet pivotal piece of the puzzle. As robots displace us, we must be certain of one thing - they can never replace us. Your WHO will lead to your WHY.

We Ask the "WHY"

Redefining your purpose is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity if we are to find our place in this world and know WHERE we are heading to. The more uncertainty we face, the more conviction we must have to keep moving.

We Ask the "WHERE"

Knowing if you are on the right track in your career, project or business is crucial. While no one knows for sure what tomorrow holds, agility and responsiveness will ensure we stay ahead in the game of innovation.

We Create, Robots Optimise

What Problem Were You Born to Solve?

Our Services


We work closely with clients and related industries to identify global trends and empower their leadership with an evolving blueprint that will help solve bigger problems and innovate ahead of the curve.


Diversity in talent and different problem-solving styles may result in conflict which slows down agility and response to change. Tapping into their diverse assets can help your company to grow more purposefully.


This is the next most natural step to help your team to implement their learning on a deeper level. Coaching is not just for leaders with titles as there is a seed of innovation and greatness in every member.

Our Advisory Board

Mr Edward Tay - Chairman, Singapore Luxury Investment

Edward spent years building up a career in Telecommunication, Media, IT, Private Equity and Angel Investment in China, working closely with Chinese entrepreneurs to grow their companies amidst the exuberant China economy. He actively contributes back to the society through corporate social responsibility programs and promotes the right values among his associates, clients, employees and local community. He advocates social mobility, gender equality and bridge cultural and technology divide in this modern world. His most satisfying reward is an immersion in Chinese culture and an amazing journey that takes him to more than 190 cities. Edward now spends much time volunteering.

Prof Alexander J.B. Zehnder - Founder & Director, triple Z Ltd

Alexander J.B. ZEHNDER is Visiting Professor and member of the Board of Trustees of NTU, Singapore, founder and director of triple Z Ltd. (, former president of the ETH Board and Professor emeritus of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. His scientific work has focused on water policy, the nexus between water, energy and food security, water safety and infrastructures, as well as innovative solutions in industrial water treatment, particularly in the oil and gas industry. He did much work on the scientific and economic fundamentals for sustainable development. Outside of academia he is involved in developing capital market instruments for more sustainable production and use of natural resources.

Mr Kinji Kaiho - President, Agility Asset Advisers Inc.

Kinji Kaiho serves as Director of NIPPON REIT Investment Corp. since September 01, 2018. Kinji Kaiho is a President of Agility Holdings Inc. since January 2018. Kinji Kaiho's career summary includes- Director of ABLE INC, June 2007; Director of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., May 2001; Director of The Industrial Bank of Japan (currently Mizuho Bank, Ltd.), April 1980. Kinji Kaiho is a President of Mutual Links Corporation since March 2003. Kinji Kaiho is a President of Agility Asset Advisers Inc. since January 2005. With a wide range of clients and international working experience especially in Greater China, he has been actively involved in the business of real estate projects and their securitization programs.
Key Outcome: Self-Discovery for Higher Leadership Performance. During the training, I discovered my personality type as an ISFJ or Guardian type. My biggest "aha" came from learning to accept my innate nature as an introvert. All this while I thought I was an extrovert and tried to keep up with others. I learnt how to tap on the power of introverted leadership by connecting with my clients authentically for outstanding results. Also, discovering my purpose in the second part of the coaching has transformed me and my life. I even achieved the top rookie award this year! Thanks so much, Dazzling for the purpose coaching and training which has made me stand out as a leader in my own right!
Key Outcome: Team Type Discovery for More Effective Communication. Ms Dazzling Chong conducted an impactful ‘Effective Communication for Teamwork Workshop’ for our senior management team. We now have a common framework and shared language to engage in a more effective dialogue. This empowers us to leverage on our strengths individually and collectively, enhancing teamwork. The workshop was interactive and engaging as Dazzling was able to facilitate the dialogue while helping us to appreciate our diversity yet focus on our common goal – to communicate more effectively. I highly recommend Dazzling to train or coach your team so they capitalise on their strengths and be aware of their blind spots for greater success.
Key Outcome: Intrapersonal Awareness Clarity for Better Interpersonal Dynamics. Dazzling is an experienced and insightful MBTI trainer and Purpose coach who gets to the heart of the issue or problem quickly, guided by her sharp instincts and driven by conviction. Her forte is in analysing interpersonal dynamics, then fine tuning them by introducing mindset shifts to those she’s coaching, so mutual understanding and harmony can flourish in a team. She has the power to help her clients understand themselves better, and in so doing ignite their purpose and sense of fulfilment. Unleash your best self with Dazzling!
Key Outcome: Unleashing Leadership to Influence Teams. Dazzling is a great Purpose coach who can guide, inspire and empower an individual or team to achieve their full potential. She as a coach has been able to instill, nurture, and encourage vision, then model and motivate me to surrender to it. After I went through the MBIT workshop, she ensured that I got my Best Fit Type and this accuracy has changed my life. Under her coaching I was able to ignite passion and motivate people around me. She has a wonderful energy that is contagious and know exactly how to get her client/team excited and stay motivated.

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