Talent Rountable @Fintech Fest 2018: Reinventing You in The Age of AI

It was a battle of wits amidst the occasional riotous laughter as industry experts from the HR and tech space shared their thoughts on talent- not just the human type but the non-human. That’s right, it was none other than the hot topic of AI and its impact on the talent market that had my panelists and participants on the edge of their seats while advocating man’s right to lead the talent market without being completely subsumed by machines.

The realisation was a poignant one – man is forced to innovate or be left behind yet the reality is that he may be displaced by the very ones he creates. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Take machine learning for instance: bots are smart enough to innovate on their own and can to some extent take initiative to make decisions.

Photo credits: Ms Nancy Loh

Is this the dystopian future that even frontiers-smashing, visionary Elon Musk dreads and is trying to warn us about? While opinions differed on the final trajectory of talent, we all can agree to disagree. AI is developing at such a frenetic pace that we can never be fully aware of its latent or rather in-your-face potential.

The only path forward like what my panelists are convinced of is:

  1. Continue to find your sweet spot of talent
  2. Gain clarity on your role in the workforce and marketplace
  3. Don’t shun AI but rather collaborate with it to solve bigger problems


The future of work is going to evolve further and pitting our skills against that of robots will only prove futile. In order to reinvent technology, we must first reinvent ourselves. We can either let AI disrupt us or disrupt how the game is played with our individual and collective Purpose.

And that is a continual dialogue between your heart and your mind that begins with asking the right questions. 

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