This year’s Talent Management Asia on 2-4 April at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront was focused on innovating programmes for business success, such as, expanding HR progression by tapping into, and harnessing, external resources for greater success and how HR can partner with the business to lead better business transformation, etc. Business strategy is primarily enabled through people.

As the Chairperson of Stream 1, I was delighted to witness many dynamic women leaders in action. Instead of merely summarising, I thought it might be more interesting to share one of the sessions through the lenses of what I call your ‘Core Genius’ based on how your mind works, ie, the way you process info and how you make decisions.

It wasn’t the typical presentation though. With innovation at the forefront of the Digital Revolution, the great team of Human Resources Online helming the conference incorporated a brand new session format- business case analysis followed by a strategy meeting, a level-up from roundtable discussions.

The first speaker was Eileen Nah, Head of Leadership, Future Smart, Customer Experience Faculty from OCBC Bank. I’d first met Eileen at a Future of Work event organised by WeWork where she was one of the panelists. True to form, Eileen is a passionate and dedicated individual to human capital and organisational development.

As a Purpose Coach, I am often asked if there is a correlation between personality type and professions. Personality type does not preclude the prospect of career portfolio expansion or diversification. However, the question we really should be asking is: what kind of challenges does your unique cognitive style gravitate towards and what kind of outcome do you want to create?

For instance, you can have two HR practitioners but one could be more driven to use systems to improve work processes for people while another is more concerned about meeting the felt needs of employees through benefits and the like. Similar jobs titles or even functions but a wholly different path of ensuring engagement and retention.

As Eileen proceeded to share the new silver bullets of leadership aimed at helping organisations and their workforce adapt in a fast-changing landscape, a pattern began to emerge. Her case study was based primarily on her innovative ideas that’d come into fruition in her current role since 2017. To lead one’s tribe towards being Future Smart, the ability to connect the dots and forsee the trends is crucial.

As what I would call an “Ideas Innovator”, Eileen is truly the epitome of agility. Trailblazers typically move so fast that by the time it really hits the rest, we are left in the wake of their ideological sparks and smoke. They are truly the ideal leader for using their creative ideas to challenge existing HR practices while equipping their staff with the critical knowledge and skills to stay relevant and resilient as the future workforce.

What is your Core Genius that sets you apart in the digital age?

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