Our Mission – WHY It Matters

MBTI Certified Practitioner | Executive Purpose Coach | Talent Thought Leader

Together, we solve bigger problems

Hi, I am Dazzling Chong.

My WHY is to inspire people towards their purpose be so that we can make a collective difference in this world by creating a vibrant ecosystem of expertise and solutions.  

The human race is facing a mid-timeline crisis and no one really has the answers. Not governments, not world leaders and not even your ex-boss. AI is moving the finishing line and it’s hard to keep up much less innovate.

Jumping onto the bandwagon of innovation seems inevitable. The question is not when but why? Innovation is a long, arduous journey and there can only be two possible outcomes: You make it or die trying.

I nearly did the latter until I discovered my WHY and now when the going gets tough, I ask myself the same question that I want to help you answer: What is the problem you were born to solve?

A dystopian worldview fueled by the encroaching possibility of robots usurping our position as master seems real-er than before. There is hope; it’s time to claim our rightful place as inventors and innovators, as creators and craftsmen.

Man creates, machines optimise.

Find your WHY and the pieces will fall into the place. Don’t be in a hurry to solve what is only before you. Engage in meaningful dialogue with your team and industry competitors or even those from different industries. No one person or entity has all the answers, resources or solutions. 

As we learn to collaborate not just with man but machines, we will not only be able to solve the problem you were born to solve but something even bigger and more impactful. 

Start with your WHY as Simon Sinek says but here at GREAT AT YOU, we start with the WHO that leads to your WHY. What can you do that no other man or machine can?

Let’s start with reinventing YOU.

Dazzling is a champion of the individual and his ability to lead others by first believing in himself so that he is most effective – at being himself. She discovered a unique formula to how leaders discover their authentic self and purpose.

As a sociology trained Purpose Coach, she is fascinated by how people are able to make a unique difference by being great at themselves. Dazzling has devoted her life to understanding what makes people tick and leading a movement to inspire people towards greatness.

With a vision to change the way businesses perceive and tap into the power of the individual, Dazzling is working with agencies and businesses to help transform company culture and create a better workplace and marketplace to be future ready.

Her superpower is futuristic global patterns recognition.