Communication x personality styles = cooperation.

Teamwork begins with taking initiative to identify

a problem and communicating with others. Having

meaningful dialogues help to build bridges of cooperation.

Transform your team

Enhancing Communication and Teamwork

Using MBTI as a tool to bridge the gap

Communication gaps are often a result of cultural and personality differences.

One of the greatest causes of conflicts stems from differences in communication styles and personalities. Transforming team culture begins with changing communication styles.

How do these styles differ based on personality type?

E (Extraversion) vs I (Introversion) -> HOW you share information

S (Sensing) vs N (iNtuitive) -> WHAT information you share

T (Thinking) vs F (Feeling) -> WHY you decide a certain way

J (Judging) vs P (Perceiving) -> WHEN you decide

Have you ever wondered why some team members:

  • Seem reserved in communicating their thoughts during meetings?       
  • Prefer to talk about ideas rather than specific details for implementation?    
  • Lean towards decision-making based on logic rather than how others may be affected?        
  • Tend to wait for more information before decision-making or execution?        

All these behaviours are related to different cognitive preferences in processing information and decision-making. Communication using MBTI (Psychological Type Theory) builds a bridge between different personalities as they learn how to FLEX.

F: Find your innate communication style

L: Learn about others’ communication styles

E: Engagein meaningful dialogue using the language of MBTI

X: EXpress common understanding or consensus

Learning Outcomes:

1) Participants will demonstrate knowledge in finding a neutral & common language through MBTI® to communicate as a Team.

2) Participants will discover their own, as well as Team Type & learn how to get their point across more effectively, thus reducing conflict.

3) Participants will be able to utilise Skills & Strategies immediately to bring build rapport with team members, create meaningful conversations & lead to greater synergy & productivity.

4) Participants will be able to apply knowledge of psychological types to the workplace & flex between the 4 dichotomies or 8 preferences for more effective Team Communication.

Workshops are customised for your organisation to help leaders and teams across departments to create a better culture of collaboration amidst change, 

Other MBTI Topics include:

  • Great Decision-Making
  • Tuning Team Performance
  • Embracing Change and Transformation
  • Building Resilience With Emotional Intelligence 
  • Igniting Innovation in the Workplace
  • Leadership Styles for Excellence
  • Coaching Skills for Managers

Time frame: half-day to two days