Be the leader you were meant to be

Leadership is a person, not a title.
When you do what you were made to do,
you are able to be more effective in leading yourself
and others. Start by creating a leadership culture.

Lead to inspire

Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership Skills Training

Want to improve innovation outcomes in your team? Learn how to be a purpose-driven leader.

How do you find your place in this world and become the leader you were meant to be? “WHO am I?” and “WHY am I here?” must be answered before mapping your gifts to your path. Hi, I am Dazzling. I help individuals stand out by discovering the problem they were born to solve, Plug into the power of your Purpose and get clarity on your Marketplace Mission. 
With the advent of new technology driving change and innovation, companies are confronted with a new challenge: What is our competitive edge in today’s AI world? 

Whether you’re a Regional Head or HR Manager, it’s time to plug into the power of your team. A purposeful team is more likely to:
1. Communicate and collaborate
2. Initiate and innovate

As teams become more streamlined and focused on agility, it’s easy to lose meaning in translation and transition. Other factors like cultural diversity, language barriers or personality differences may compound existing challenges and lead to conflict, thus affecting optimal output.

A seasoned MBTI trainer and Purpose Coach, Dazzling cuts through all the presenting symptoms and noise a team faces to address the root cause for the right solution. With her background in Sociology and 3 Step Purpose Road Map, she is able to bridge the gap between cultures and generations at the workplace. 

By ‘Breaking the Code of You’ for team members and as a team, she can help your employees better:
• Tap on their unique cultural and individual identity
• Leverage on their unique cultural and personality differences
• Harness their strengths and abilities collectively 
• Develop their Purpose and corporate Mission based on authentic values 
• Take greater ownership of their roles and evolve accordingly 

Just as she has been able to equip managers and directors with the knowledge and skills to better lead culturally or personality diverse teams, Dazzling can help your team take the next step with MBTI or ‘Breaking the Code of You’ (BTCOY). 

As a Purpose Coach certified in MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®), I work with leaders to discover their unique identity so they can map their USP to their mission and stand out in the marketplace. I have also created a 3 step Purpose Road Map that helps teams to chart their path towards greatness, fulfillment and authentic success. To date, I have conducted the following:

Corporate Training Programmes and Coaching Services:
1. Authentic Leadership and Influence 
2. Effective Communication for Teamwork
3. Problem-Solving for Innovation 
4. Maximising Potential and Career Development
5. Personality Type Discovery for Greater Motivation and Results
6. USP Discovery and Branding to Stand Out
7. Purposeful Coaching Skills for Managers

Topics also include: Conflict Resolution, Decision-Making Style and Change Management for enhanced Teamwork or Leadership.

My signature programme is ‘Breaking the Code of You’ where I take participants through a process of self-discovery in 3 stages: 

1) “Who am I?” (Unique Identity and USP Discovery)
2)” Why am I here?” (Purpose and Mission Discovery)
3) “Where am I going?” (Message Discovery)

The result is a clear sense of your unique identity which embodies the problem you were born to solve. Participants will have a compelling mission and brand statement based on their USP by the end of the session. This will increase their sense of ownership and initiative at the workplace or marketplace as they stand out as leaders who are better able to:

• Define their roles and evolve with change
• Identify challenges in advance and problem-solve
• Persuade others to collaborate and give support
• Articulate their goals and vision to lead others
• Take strong ownership of their mission

Your team will be transformed as problem-solving is not restricted merely to job scope. When your employees, especially millennials see themselves as a leader in their own right, they will seek ways to empower themselves to grow with the team.