Discover Your True Genius at the Workplace

Tapping into your core of excellence

Imagine getting up each day excited to tap on the power of your true genius to blast off and leave a trail. Or having a team that is self-motivated and uses his natural strengths and problem-solving abilities.

MBTI can help you understand your preferences in how you process information and make decisions. These two preferences hold the key to your problem-solving style: What are the types of problems you are good at solving and the challenges you enjoy that will enhance your career?

To identify your genius style, you must first understand the concept of function pairs: It is formed from the middle letters of your MBTI personality Type.

1. Pragmatists: The Sensing/Thinking Types                                                        

If your Myers-Briggs Type includes “ST” in the center, you are a pragmatist. You focus on details and make decisions with thought rather than feeling. Pragmatists love to use logical systems to create tangibleresults.

2. Caretakers: The Sensing/FeelingTypes                                           

Caretakers love helping others and doing hands-on, detailed work. When your work involves providing practical assistance for other people, you’ll be likely to enjoy what you do.

3. Empaths: The Intuitive/Feeling Type

With a big-picture view and big hearts, the NF personality types love to work infields that make a difference. When these types can make the world as a whole a better place, they feel good about themselves and their careers.

4. Theorists: The Intuitive/Thinking Types                                                  

Theorists love coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems. A type with NT traits is comfortable with theoretical concepts and big-picture thinking.

Using your True Genius Style for Design Thinking and Problem-Solving

You will be able to:

  • Find clarity in your Purpose
  • Discover your core motivation, drive and mental wiring
  • Harness your Design for better thinking and problem-solving
  • Collaborate with other forms of True Genius to innovate